Coasters of Illinois

This guide will be organized a little different than the others. It will list the coasters by original brewery taking into account all the name changes. This concept follows the layout in the original 'Chicago Brewery Coasters' Guide by Robert Kay and Paul Zagielski.

Note that the micro coasters follow the conventions and numbers in the 'Micro Coaster Guide' by Steve Pawlowski & Jack McDougall not the numbers in the Chicago Guide.

350 Brewing
5 Rabbit Cerveceria
51st Ward
Acme Brewing Co
All Rise
Ambrosia Brewing
America's Brewing Co
American Beer Works
Argus Brewery
Atlantic Brewing Co
Atlas Brewing Co
Atlas Brewing Co - Micro
Baderbrau Brewing
Banging Gavel Brews
Begyle Brewing
Bent River Brewing
Berghoff Brewery
Best Brewing Co
Big Hurt
Big Muddy Brewing
Birk Brothers Brewing
Bismarck Brewing Co
Blind Pig
Blue Cat Brew Pub
Blue Island
Box Office Brewery
Brass Restaurant & Brewery
Breakroom Brewery
Brewbakers Alehouse
Brickstone Brewery
Buckle Down Brewery
Canadian Ace Brewing Co
Capitol City Brewing
Carling  - Page #1
Carling  - Page#2
Carlyle Brewing
Central Breweries Inc
Chain O'Lakes Brewing
Chicago Brewing Co
Chicago Brew Werks - See Werk Force
Chief's Brewing Co
Church Street
Corridor Brewery
Crooked Waters Brewery
Crystal Lake
Cugino Brewing
Destihl Restaurant and Brew Works
Dick Brothers Brewing
Drewrys-Zoller Brewing
Dry Hop Brewers
Edelweiss - See Schoenhofen Edelweiss
Elmwood Brewing
Emmett's Tavern & Brewery
EMS Brewing Co
E. Porter Brewing
Excel Bottling
Exit Strategy
Fecker Brewing
Finch's Beer Co
FireHouse Brewery
Flatlanders Brewing
Flossmoor Brewery
Forbidden Root
Fortune Bros. Brewing
Founders Hill Brewing
Fox Bay Brewing
Fritz Brewing
Fulton Street Brewery - See Goose Island
Galena Brewing
Gambrinus Brewing Co
Garden City Brewery
Gipps Brewing Co
Golden Prairie Brewing
Goose Island Brewing Co
Govnor's Public House
Grafton Brewhaus
Greenstar Brewing
Griesedieck Western Brewing - Page #1
Griesedieck Western Brewing - Page #2
Half Acre Beer Co.
Hamburger Mary's
Harrison's Brewing Co.
Hoerber Brewing Co.
Hopper's Dining Car
Hopothesis Beer Co
House of Augsburg
Illinios Brewing Co.
Imperial Oak
Independent Brewing Co.
Iron Spike
Jarrett Payton
Joliet Citizens Brewing Co
JT Walker Brewing
Keeley Brewing Co
King Cole Brewing
Koller Brewing Co
Lake Bluff
Landmark Brewing Co
Leisy Brewing Co
WM. J. Lemp Brewing Co
Light the Lamp
Limestone Brewery
Little Egypt
Lunar Brewing
Main Street
Manhattan Brewing Co
McAvoy Brewing Co
McDermott Brewing Co
McHenry Brewing Co
Meister Brau, Inc - Page #1
Meister Brau, Inc - Page #2
Mickey Finn's Brewery
Miskatonic Brewery
Mississippi Delta Micro Brewery
Millrose Brewing Co
Monarch Brewing
Motor Row
Nevin Brewing
Noon Whistle
Oak Park
Obed & Isaac's
O'Fallon Brewing Co
O'Grady's Brewery
Old Abbey Brewing Co
Old Bakery
Only Child
Patrick Henry Brewing
Pavichevich Brewing Co
Payton - See Jarrett Payton
Peckish Pig
Peel Brewing Co
Penrose Brewing
Peoria Brewing Co
Peter Fox Brewing Co
Peter Hand Brewery Co - Page #1
Peter Hand Brewery Co.- Page #2
Piece Brewery
Pig Minds
Pilsen Brewing Co
Pollyanna Brewing Co
Porter Brewing
Prager - See Atlas
Prairie Rock Brewing
Prima-Bismarck Brewing Co
F.D. Radeke Brewing Co
Recess Brewing
Reisch Brewing Co
Revolution Brewing
John S. Rhodell Brewry
Rock Bottom-Chicago
Rockford Brewing Co
Rock Island Brewing Co
Rude Hippo
Ruff-Reidel Brewing Co
Schoenhofen Edelweiss Co
Schott Brewing Co
Scorched Earth
Fred Sehring Brewing Co
Side Lot Brewery
Sieben's Brewery Co
Sieben's Brewing Co
Sieben's River North Brewing Co
Slope Side
Small Town
Smylie Brothers
Solemn Oath
South Side Brewing
Springfield Brewing
St Nicholas
Stag - Page #1
Stag - Page #2
Star Peerless Brewery
Star Union Brewing Co
Star Union Products Co
Stockholm's Pub
Superior Brewing Co
Tap & Growler
Ten-Ninety Brewing
Temperance Beer Co
Thornton Brewing
Three Stags Brewpub
Tighthead Brewing
Triptych Brewing
Two Brothers Brewing
Union Brewing Co
United States Brewing Co
Urban Legend
Van Merritt Brewing
Veteran Beer Co
Vice District
Village Vintner
Wagner Brewing Co
Warsaw Brewing
Weinkeller Brewery
Weeghman Park Restaurant & Brewery
Werk Force Brewing
White Bear Brewing Co
Wild Onion Brewing
White Eagle
Woodstock Brewing and Bottling