Pricing Coasters

I don't even know where to begin on this topic. Many long time collectors have been surprised by some of the very high prices coasters are selling for on Ebay. Conversely some very rare coasters have gone for a fraction of their value because the 'Internet Collectors' already have it in their collection. Following are a few guidelines for pricing your coasters. Please contact me if you have anything to add to this topic.

1. There are exceptions to everything stated below

2. Don't use Ebay as a 100% guide to determine the value of a coaster

3. Coasters that cross multiple collectibles are more valuable to the non-beer coaster collector. (Panther Brewing's 3 Stooges and Naragansett's Dr. Suess coasters are good examples )

4. Local Trade Shows are probably the best source for determining the value of a coaster. A show attended by a lot of collectors will keep the seller honest and will be a good indication of how much a regional collector is willing to pay for a coaster

5. Sleeves or stacks of older coasters are frequently found and this drives down the prices of the very rare coasters. Bill Hemmings had this comment to add 'Curiously, you don't mention SUPPLY & DEMAND. Supply is a very touchy subject, too, because some people making a ''valuable'' find don't let the initial buyers know how many they've just found. The light dawns as the price drops on the later ones offered for sale'

6. Size does count - Older 4 inch coasters are usually more valuable than newer 3 inch coasters.

7. Rare coasters from states that have a lot of breweriana collectors are usually more costly as there are more regional collectors willing to pay higher prices to obtain the coaster. (A rare coaster from PA vs CT)  

8. See Comment #1

9. Bill Hemmings also brought up the subject of fakes or reproductions. 'Since it's becoming virtually impossible to detect carefully made fakes in the paper goods arena (just ask the US Treasury!) the numbers ''found'' can have several meanings.'   Here's a good example of a reproduction that was produced a few years ago, the seller did state that this was a reproduction when they were sold. The coaster on the left is real the other is a reproduction. Does anyone know of any others?

How Much is It Worth?

Following are coasters from different states, breweries and age. Collectors from 5 different parts of the USA placed a 'value' on the coasters, the average 'value' is shown. The results were published 10/31/99.  The prices are opinions only and should not be used as an exact vlaue of the coaster. Use these as a guide to determine if the coaster is common, rare or very rare. As you can see from the results, values vary from collector to collector. One consistent thing to mention is that all seem to agree on which coasters are common and which ones are very rare. If you follow coaster prices on Ebay, you will notice a wide range of prices for the same coaster. Like other collectibles, the value is based on how much someone wants the item for their collection.